Each piece of my dichroic glass jewelry is handcrafted at my studio on the coast of Maine, where I get my inspiration. Complimentary colors of glass & dichroic glass are carefully layered until I achieve the desired effect.  The layers are fired several times at temperatures between 1300 & 1800 degrees until I achieve the desired degree of dimension.  3, 4 or 5 layers fuse to produce irregular 3 dimensional fiery pieces.

Dichroic glass was developed for NASA. It’s glass on which very thin layers of metal have been deposited; causing some wavelengths of light (colors) to be transmitted while others are reflected, causing interesting - and beautiful - color shifts. The appearance of the various pieces of jewelry changes in different light and as light strikes them from different angles.

 My camera cannot capture the breathtaking colors, and I cannot make any two pieces exactly the same, nor do I want to. Your piece will NOT be exactly as shown here, but you WILL receive compliments when you wear any of these unique pieces.  Click on the categories to see what I have made for you, and roll over each picture to enlarge it.