My watch parts jewelry are made from older vintage wind-up watches that will never fail to be noticed. With our bracelets and rings, pins and pendants, you will always “have time on your hands”, and complements galore.  The keys used are authentic roller skate keys & vintage skeleton keys.  All adornments, such as crystals, are taken from antique pieces of jewelry.  As with all my jewelry, your piece will be individually  crafted, and will be a bit different than  items illustrated. We never know exactly what parts we’ll find until we open a watch!

If you have an old watch with sentimental value, we can transform it into jewelry you can wear that will keep memories alive. Call us at (207) 636-7917 for more information.

Click the categories below to see these unique designs and roll over each picture for a more detailed view. These watches may not tell time any more, but they’ll bring you joy, and you’ll never see another piece just like yours!